*Urgent recall regarding your CellAED Serial Number 0000012822

To those who have purchased a CellAED from us we have received the following advice from the CellAED Manufacturer.


New affected serial numbers identified

TGA Recall Reference Number: RC-2024-RN-00023-1
Product name: CellAED 2.2

ARTG 375339

Serial Number1 0000012822

The device is designed to flash amber to alert the customer there is a low battery voltage and flash green when the battery operates within expected range. Analysis of data from your device indicates it may be flashing green instead of flashing amber as the battery may not be within accepted voltage range. This poses a potential risk that if the device is used, it may not activate or deliver therapy when required – this will result in delayed/inadequate therapy in attempting to restore sinus rhythm. 

As a matter of importance and urgency, can you please check your CellAED serial number and if affected please email us immediately info@ruralandremotefirstaid.com.au

Thank you for your prompt action and we apologise for any inconvenience.

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