Quick tip for Tourniquets

Quick tip for Tourniquets

Whenever you need a tourniquet it is a very bad day. The maths of fluid volume loss vs time don’t work in our favour as First Aiders.

So, Quick tip for today is …… unwrap your tourniquet(s) as soon as you get it/them and make sure to store them in the most accessible part of your kit (or wherever is most appropriate for your situation).

There are a few versions available. This is the Rapid Stop tourniquet. It utilises a ratchet system.

More than anything, I hope you never have to use them!

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By Scott Brown

Author bio:

For over 22 years Scott Brown has been training Remote Area First Aid across Australia. Having first joined Rural Ambulance Victoria in 2001 and working in the high-country in Victoria, he began teaching First Aid for Rural Ambulance Victoria. 22 years on, he works with some of Australia’s largest pastoral corporations and property managers that combined manage over 200,000 square kms of the Australian landscape.

Known for conveying detailed First Aid information in a relatable and relaxed way, Scott’s courses have become popular with Pastoral Property Managers, overseers and ringers alike. The highly practical course content ensures relevance to actual situations that are possible to encounter on a working property.

Scott continues to work with Ambulance Victoria alongside his First Aid training. 

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