AEROCOOL Instant Cooling Spray 200mL (DG)


Instant Cooling Spray

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AEROCOOL Cold Spray is suitable for immediate cooling of sprains, strains and inflammation

Ready for immediate use

    • AEROCOOL Cold Spray is ready to use no pre chilling or freezing required.

Convenient Application

    • AEROCOOL Cold Spray is simple, easy and fast to apply in convenient aerosol can.

Compact Size

    • AEROCOOL Cold Spray is a compact can only 170mm(h) x 50mm(d) making it ideal for all sizes of first aid kits or bags.

The AEROCOOL Spray is a DANGEROUS GOODS product for freight, so incurs a $20.00 DG freight charge and must be entered as a separate order to all the other products you wish to order.   Image of AEROCOOL Instant Cooling Spray 200mL (DG) Download Safety Data Sheet


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