Defibrillators save lives. It’s that simple. It’s a straight numbers game. In 2018 in Australia nearly 35000 people suffered from an out of hospital cardiac arrest (compared with 1300-ish fatalities on the roads). And what we know is that anyone is at risk regardless of age and demographic.

The Defibrillator we are recommending as best suited to the rural and remote setting is the Heartsine 500p with smart pad technology.

So part of our package is to provide a defibrillator* for placement as you see it most suitable for your organisation.

*Depending on the number of participants in the organisation, there maybe more than 1 defib available for supply.

*If you have found through your risk profiling that Defibrillators are an option you choose not to add to the program, please speak with us about a different pricing structure or program/equipment substitution.