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 Introducing the Rescue Swag: The Ultimate First Aid Kit for the Aussie Outback

Introducing the Rescue Swag: The Ultimate First Aid Kit for the Aussie Outback

Here at Rural & Remote First Aid, we understand the unique challenges faced by those living and working in remote areas of Australia. Access to medical services can be limited, and being prepared for emergencies is paramount. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce the addition of the Rescue Swag range of first aid kits to our ever-expanding product line!

Introducing the Rescue Swag: The Ultimate First Aid Kit for the Aussie Outback

Built for the Outback by the RFDS (Royal Flying Doctor Service)

The Rescue Swag first aid kits are specifically designed for harsh Australian conditions. They come in a variety of sizes to suit your needs, from compact kits for individual use to comprehensive kits suitable for groups or workplaces. Each kit is housed in a durable, weather-resistant swag bag, making it easy to transport and protect vital medical supplies.

Comprehensive Coverage

No matter the situation, a Rescue Swag first aid kit will ensure you have the supplies necessary to respond to a variety of emergencies. The kits are stocked with a range of essential first aid items, including:

  • Bandages and dressings in various sizes
  • Wound cleaning solutions
  • Snake Bite bandages
  • Splints and slings
  • Eye wash solutions
  • Trauma shears
  • Burns dressings
  • And much more!

Peace of Mind in the Remote Outback

With a Rescue Swag first aid kit by your side, you can venture into the Australian outback with confidence, knowing you’re prepared for the unexpected. Whether you’re a seasoned bushwalker, a remote worker, or a property owner, having a well-stocked first aid kit readily available can make all the difference in an emergency.

Shop the Rescue Swag Range Today!

Browse our extensive selection of Rescue Swag first aid kits online at Have a question about which one is right for you? Our friendly staff are always happy to answer any questions you may have and help you choose the right first aid kit for your specific needs.

Invest in your safety and peace of mind with a Rescue Swag first aid kit from Rural & Remote First Aid!

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By Scott Brown

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Author bio:

For over 23 years Scott Brown has been training Remote Area First Aid across Australia. Having first joined Rural Ambulance Victoria in 2001 and working in the high-country in Victoria, he began teaching First Aid for Rural Ambulance Victoria. 23 years on, he works with some of Australia’s largest pastoral corporations and property managers that combined manage over 200,000 square kms of the Australian landscape.

Known for conveying detailed First Aid information in a relatable and relaxed way, Scott’s courses have become popular with Agricultural Property Managers, overseers and ringers alike. The highly practical course content ensures relevance to actual situations that are possible to encounter on a working property.

Scott continues to work with Ambulance Victoria alongside his First Aid training. 

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