Welcome to the team, Adam!

Get ready for an adventure, Rural and Remote First Aid are thrilled to welcome Adam to the team as our new Business Support Specialist yet his journey to first aid expertise is anything but ordinary.

For over 20 years Adam traded office walls for ancient temples, bustling mega cities and jungle trails as he led tours across Asia and the Pacific and remote parts of Australia. From Vietnam’s vibrant streets to the awe inspiring mountains of the Himalaya, he’s seen a lot. But adventure travel doesn’t come without its bumps and bruises. 

Adam’s journey has equipped him with more than just incredible stories. He honed his skills in handling medical emergencies in far flung locations where resources were scarce and quick thinking was crucial. Imagine coordinating medical care in remote parts of the Cambodian countryside or navigating through language barriers to get help in bustling Bangkok!

His passion for adventure eventually led him to collaborate with Rural and Remote First Aid. In 2022 and 2023, he joined forces with Scott, sharing his expertise on courses across Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and the Northern Territory. Witnessing the impact of first aid training first hand solidified his desire to join the team full time.

So, when Adam isn’t working for Rural and Remote First Aid and sometimes when he is, you’ll likely find him behind a camera endeavouring to capture the beauty around the world. His adventurous spirit and invaluable experience make him a perfect fit for the Rural and Remote team. 

Get ready to learn from his incredible journey and join us in welcoming Adam onboard! Stay tuned for more insights and tips from this globe-trotting guru.

If you would like more information about First Aid courses or, purchase any First Aid stock or equipment, or to book a Remote Area First Aid course, please contact us on 0491 057 339 or email info@ruralandremotefirstaid.com.au

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By Scott Brown

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