What is Remote Area First Aid?

What is Remote Area First Aid?

A common question. After all, there is a significant time and usually cost difference between Remote Area First Aid and ‘normal’ First Aid. You should consider moving to a Remote Area First Aid course, or what is now Provide First Aid in Remote and Isolated Sites, when you think the ambulance response to an incident needing hospitalisation is longer than 35 – 45 mins.

This incident is going to require you to look after your patient for an expended period of time …. and this is where the extra knowledge, skills and equipment use of Remote Area First Aid comes to the fore. There is a focus on patient monitoring, communicating ongoing with emergency services and extended treatment options contained within the Remote Area First Aid curriculum.

Worksafe Codes of Practice stipulate that you need to go through a Risk profiling exercise to determine the most relevant First Aid course. This should also include how many workers on site, the hazards associated with the work activity and the potential isolation (number of workers at a given work location as opposed to the whole organisation) of the work group. When in doubt, opt for the higher qualification. It offers protection both in the planning but also in the response.

Many courses offer Remote Area First Aid with online components and classroom based practical sessions. My personal experience from 20 years of Remote Area First Aid training is that this is a less than ideal way to learn. So much of the learning comes from the aspects that can’t be gained online or in a classroom. Such as operating radios to people who legitimately can’t see the incident, making do with items that are actually available in the field, paddock or workshed, etc. And of course the process of finding, assessing and potentially transporting the patient to a Landing Strip/Site. Our main scenario is conducted at night to add the most amount of challenge and realism possible. Most incidents won’t happen in a convenient location at a convenient time.

If you would like more information on our Remote Area Course (HLTAID013 Provide First Aid in Remote and Isolated Sites) please call 0491 057 339 or email info@rualandremotefirstaid.com.au

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