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 What a crazy landscape!

What a crazy landscape!

Hi All

Well, the landscape and environment have certainly turned on some challenges for those on the land over the last couple of months. And because of that we went quiet for a while to let you deal with the issues that have crossed your paths. We sincerely hope you are in the recovery phase. The double edge sword of the crazy weather cycle is that whilst the water drains from up north we have had to deal with fires down south (including a precautionary evacuation). What a crazy landscape!

But life goes on. The resilience of the Australian people never ceases to astound me. We are truly at our best when circumstances are at the worst.

Our next round of trips up north starts soon, so we will catch up with many of you as we do annually and we are very much looking forward to that. We will be covering quite a few kilometres both by air and by road. Can’t wait!

See you soon.

All the best.

PS. As ever, if there is any stations near you who you think we might be able to help out with First Aid training, please let them know about us, let us know about them.

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