Shocktober: Raising awareness of cardiac arrest in Australia

Shocktober is a month-long campaign to raise awareness of cardiac arrest and the importance of learning CPR and how to use an automated external defibrillator (AED). Cardiac arrest is a sudden loss of heart function and breathing. It can happen to anyone, at any time, and without warning.

In Australia, around 30,000 people experience cardiac arrest outside of hospital each year. Only about 10% of these people survive. However, the chances of survival can increase significantly if CPR and an AED are used immediately.

CPR can help to keep the blood and oxygen flowing to the brain and other vital organs until medical help arrives. An AED is a portable device that can shock the heart back into a normal rhythm.

Shocktober is a great opportunity to learn about cardiac arrest and how to save a life. There are a number of ways to get involved, including:

* **Learn CPR and how to use an AED:** There are many organisations that offer CPR and AED training courses. You can also find online tutorials.
* **Register as a GoodSAM Responder:** The GoodSAM Responder app is a free app that connects trained first aiders with people in cardiac arrest. To register as a GoodSAM Responder, you don’t need to have a current CPR and AED certificate. Just be willing to do chest compressions.
* **Get involved in Shocktober events:** There are a number of Shocktober events held throughout Australia each year. These events can include CPR and AED training, community fun days, and educational seminars.

By getting involved in Shocktober, you can help to raise awareness of cardiac arrest and make a difference in the lives of Australians.

Here are some tips for what you can do in the event of a cardiac arrest:

1. Call 000 immediately.
2. Check the person’s responsiveness. If they are not responsive, start CPR.
3. If you know how to use an AED, use it as soon as possible.
4. Continue CPR until medical help arrives.

Every minute counts in a cardiac arrest. By knowing what to do, you can help to save a life. 

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By Scott Brown

Author bio:

For over 22 years Scott Brown has been training Remote Area First Aid across Australia. Having first joined Rural Ambulance Victoria in 2001 and working in the high-country in Victoria, he began teaching First Aid for Rural Ambulance Victoria. 22 years on, he works with some of Australia’s largest pastoral corporations and property managers that combined manage over 200,000 square kms of the Australian landscape.

Known for conveying detailed First Aid information in a relatable and relaxed way, Scott’s courses have become popular with Pastoral Property Managers, overseers and ringers alike. The highly practical course content ensures relevance to actual situations that are possible to encounter on a working property.

Scott continues to work with Ambulance Victoria alongside his First Aid training. 

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