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 New product for rapid Bleeding Control!

New product for rapid Bleeding Control!

We are pleased to introduce a new product for major bleeding control available now.

Straight from the suppliers website:

“The RapidStop Bleeding Control Kit is designed for quick and effective control of mass haemorrhaging. Including the popular RapidStop Tourniquet, this haemostatic trauma solution offers military grade ruggedness, all age suitability, superior single-handed application and the fastest average occlusion time. Achieving full occlusion in the shortest time possible is critical. This kit is designed to provide treatment options with efficiency and effectiveness in mind.

The Bleeding Control Pack is compact in size and effective in all environments, whether used in Military, First Response or Civilian instance.”

I really like it because it brings value and accessibility to products that may be a bit more expensive and harder to obtain as individual items.

Priced at $119 it is an exceptionally good value insurance policy! To buy Click Here.

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