Rural & Remote First Aid

I love real stories from my customers!

I think it’s safe to say that anyone who trains in any industry hopes to make an impact in the lives/vocation of the people in their courses.

So it means a great deal to me when I receive feedback from real world scenarios. Like the story I received via text message this week.

Singing your praises here at Carnarvon today Scott, Gabie was bitten by snake yesterday, we suspected a brown but later confirmed tree snake thank god, our little team went to work just like you taught us, so very thankful for the training we had with you, I think the RFDS was pretty impressed also with our ability to provide those vitals from the beginning, couldn’t get plane or chopper in due to cloud cover and all roads out due to wet weather, could have been very different scenario if it was a brown of course, great experience/practise, GCS card safety back in my backpack for next time, all ended well

Shared with permission from Alison, thank you so much. Great work in challenging conditions. And an even better outcome! Well done.

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