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Snake season

Technically, snake season has started. In some areas it never really ends! But certainly we know that from now on for the next 4-5 months they are going to be out and about and more active.

Without a doubt, prevention is the best defence against snake bite. Appropriate clothing, situational awareness and having clear spaces to work in are all the best way to avoid a snake bite.

But we need to also have a clear strategy around what to do if a snake bite does occur. Know what to do immediately. Don’t do anything to to inflame the situation. Whilst we need to be expedient in our response, remember the mantra, Time is not your enemy ….. movement is your enemy. Have a communications strategy. Eg. Always carry a SPOT tracker or similar device (I actually use the Garmin InReach mini, love it!)

Learn to do a quality Pressure Immobilisation Bandage. But get it on with the least amount of movement possible. And have a good and appropriate Snake Bite Bandage kit. We stock a couple of different types of Snake Bite kit. The Regulator Snake Bite First Aid kit is a minimum standard that I would recommend. And then there is the Rolls Royce of Snake Bite kits, the Survival Brand Snake Bite kit. This has absolutely everything you will need in the event of a snake bite barring a Paramedic!

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