In any field of work, it’s good to know what’s normal so you can benchmark against when things aren’t right. It’s never more important than with anything to do with health and well-being.

And because we know it’s not always easy to get to the medical centre for routine check ups, our course pack includes voluntary basic health checks. For those that want to, we provide the following checks;

  • Heart rate
  • Oxygen Saturation
  • Blood pressure
  • Blood Glucose Level
  • Temperature.

It’s also a great addition to the First Aid training as it adds context for the course participants to get a handle on Vital Signs Surveys first hand.

These basic health numbers that are easy to track and can give you a snapshot of your overall physical health. What can we do if the numbers aren’t quite right? Not much in the field generally, but it serves as an indicator to maybe get a more specific health check at a clinic or with a GP when next appropriate. Hopefully it’s a step to prevention of something prior to it being a bigger issue.