The feedback we get over and over across a number of sectors that we train First Aid for is that keeping the training fresh is difficult when the full first Aid courses only happen every 3 years and CPR updates occur every 12 months.

So we will provide a scenario kit every second month so the Station Manager/Senior staff member can run a quick scenario to run at a toolbox meeting to keep emergency response top of mind for staff.

The Scenario kit includes;

  • Scenario instructions for both set up, patient responses, expected emergency response and prompts to provide during the scenario.
  • All props and make up required to make the scenario as realistic as possible.
  • A debrief prompt sheet
  • Email and phone support to make sure the scenario is clear and well set up prior to commencement.

All mailed direct to each property every second month for easy deployment. As ever, if there are any questions or clarification needed prior, during or after the scenario please don’t hesitate to contact us.